Mist3r JOK3R is just here to f*ck your wife
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The main message from this website is 'Live means laugh' with other words
i mean no matter how crazy, bad, black or whatever a joke is
you can find in any situation a funny fact to laugh
no matter how extreme a joke is hahahaha

My lovely boyfriend 'MiLle' is the best greatest person
importants person in my life. i never want to lose you
you give me power and healthiness
you are like the air without the air i cant breathe
and i would die. You're my sunshine, My everythang

My brother 'AuDeMaRs' IS WITHIN one of the best players you can play with ;)
'SwAtCh' aka. MyPrince PJ is a "pretty" ....*BRUH* ...Flamingo...*BRUH*
No Way man i cant take you serious hahahaha you're a pussy and a scumbag dude

BUT Now go back to whatever you doin' right now and wait till this pretty site makes it's magic....
Soon ....- Maybe... 2 weeks? Hahahahah i'm just kiddin'... like always.
and still remember:
"Desire becomes surrender. Surrender becomes power"
To me .... it's sounds a little bit like....
social engineering, but it's only the truth ;)
but that has nothing to do with this website ? hahahaha
Now.... i go & listening to my favourite track:

Bye-Bye boys, girls and idunno


Mr. J


Mist3r JOK3R

P.S.: If you reading this, you're stupid ;D Hahahaha

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